Evening Edition

This group is for hire
Contact Phone: 
(Andrea) 847-707-6177

Evening Edition is  an Ensemble of Choral-Aires Chorus members.  Evening Edition is made up of 18 amazing and talented ladies with a love for a capellla 4-part barbershop singing! We are available for hire and will liven up any program, meeting or engagement!. Contact Andrea for more information and/or to hire us! 

Meet Evening Edition! 

Tenors:  Linda Butler, Shauna Bobrow

Leads: Alex Bennett, Andrea Sonnenberg, Jane Toftey, Sheila Verkamp, Shelia Sittinger, Sheila Otto, Sue Roberts

Baritones:  Betsy NIckerson, Cat Gattone, Cheryl Tweddle, Reynae Kane

Basses:  Myra Ristau, Noreene Altier, Sherry Podgorsky, Sherry Wreschinsky, Vicki Totel


Evening Edition Christmas Performance at Autumn Leaves of South Barrington, December 2015