Sandy Dekker Award


Congratulations to Martha Anderson, our 2020 Sandy Dekker Award winner! 

Sandy Dekker- a Sweet Adeline, a Choral-Aire, and an amazing woman.  Unfortunately, many of us never had the privilege of knowing Sandy Dekker, who passed away in 1998.  To know her, one would realize she had a strong faith, an amazing work ethic, and a deep sense of caring for those around her.  Because of her selflessness, and larger than life presence, her spirit lives on in our chorus today.

Sandy’s attributes are demonstrated daily by many Choral-Aires.  However, as we searched for the recipient of the 2020 Sandy Dekker award, we struck gold.  This year’s recipient has been a Sweet Adeline nearly 50 years, and joined Choral-Aires early in the 1980s.  She has received the Choral-Aires Recognition of Loyalty Award, the 2016 Woman of Note Award, she served as board member several times (twice as president), and was Choral-Aire of the month a half dozen times.

She is devoted to her family, strong in her faith, and is an excellent “go-to girl”, because this tireless worker never says No.


It is our honor to introduce to you, the 2020 Sandy Dekker Award recipient, MARTHA ANDERSON.