Choral-Aires Chorus Leadership

Choral-Aires Chorus thrives because of the energy and style of the people who have stepped up to lead. Here are a few of the people that make our Chorus tick:

Board of Directors

Sue Bebee - President
Vicki Totel - Vice President
Sherry Podgorsky - Treasurer
Martha Anderson - Recording Secretary

Board Members
Barb Ehst
Cat Gattone
Tracy Hulett
Shelia Sittinger
Nancy Smith
Andrea Sonnenberg
Cheryl Tweddle
Kathy VanMaren



Music & Performance Team

Amy Brinkman - Co-Director
Bonnie Fedyski - Co-Director
Alice Deller - Baritone Section Leader
Cheryl Tweddle - Baritone Section Leader
Pat Rotunno - Bass Section Leader
Bonnie Fedyski - Bass Section Leader
Linda Butler - Tenor Section Leader
Susan Eastwood - Tenor Section Leader
Debbie Lee - Lead Section Leader
Peggy Schrippe - Lead Section Leader
Amy Brinkman - Lead Section Leader

Costume Coordinator
Nancy Moreno


Winona Patterson

Assistant Choreographers:

Alice Deller
Kris Dunteman
Julia King
Sally Jungblut

Make-up and Grooming
Alex Bennett